Olsa SpA was born in the 40’s and has been producing lighting for cars and trucks (rear lamps, dome lamps, number plate lights…) for more than 70 years. Olsa headquarters are in Rivoli (Turin), with production plants both in Italy (Moncalieri) and in Poland, Brazil, China and Mexico. Moreover, Olsa also has technical and commercial offices in Germany and USA: at the moment, Olsa Group has more than 1,800 employees of which more than 500 in Italy. In the Italian R&S department are now working more than 100 engineers.

Olsa Group’s customers are among the most important car makers in the world: its main customers are in Germany, such as Volkswagen Group (with VW, Audi, Skoda, Porsche brands), BMW, GM and Mercedes. Moreover, Olsa is supplying Fiat Group, the French producers and some Japanese car makers, such as Suzuki and Toyota.

Olsa Group is supplying its production to the aftermarket by its sister company OLSAParts SrL., the specialized aftermarket distributor which is based in Rivoli too.

red and white Car light trails in the tunnel. Art image . Long exposure photo taken in a tunnel