OLSA pursues quality objectives throughout the life of its products.

OLSA Rivoli (Headquarters) is responsible for design and development of new products, including any engineering changes which can occur along the life of the product.

From the very early stages of the development, Cross Functional Teams work in a way to ensure that product performances are in line with the technical specifications supplied by the carmaker following APQP International Standards Rules and Customer Specific Requirements.

In the Cross Functional Team the Quality Engineer manages and coordinates all the Customer Quality related process.

 The Quality Engineer is the voice of the customer to assess the level of quality from prototypes to series production. He/she proactively promotes concrete solutions & suggestions for improvement along the project development.

The Team follows the Project till 6 months after start of production and is responsible for Quality, Timing and Cost.

OLSA primary commitment is to make Customers successful with our products, services, prices, and employees. We not only see ourselves as suppliers, but also as our customers’ partner – a performance partner for consultation, research, development, production, and systems integration.



Our passion for details, driven by shop-floor practicality and a positive “can do” mindset, together with the accuracy in design and realization are our valuable attitude in OLSA.

Our experience says that bold thinking and bold action will bring about outstanding results.


Providing concrete and quick solutions to Customer is a key fact which makes the difference from our competitors. OLSA Quality Team is always close to the Customer to proactively cooperates and provide assistance.


We are committed to make our Customers successful in their business, as the starting point for long-term success in our business. Excel in execution is the premise to achieve and exceed Customer expectations.