Healt and Safety at Work

Starting from the 60ies OLSA has started developing and producing lighting for motor-vehicles, obtaining a more and more relevant position in the Italian market first and then in the international one. In year 2002 OLSA implemented an Environmental System compliant with UNI EN ISO 14001 specification. In the course of the years, such System has represented an important variable in the Company strategy.

Present policy defines the approach of OLSA to prevent, to handle and, where possible, to reduce the environmental impact directly or indirectly generated by Company activities. Such policy is applied to all Italian plants and its implementation consists in a continuous improvement process. In order to put in practice such policy, OLSA commits to continuously improve the internal processes with the aim to promote an aware behavior at all levels.

All workers and all employees working at Olsa represent an essential resource for the maintenance of the System, the development of the scheduled activities and the achievement of planned goals. Their participation, diligence and preparation represent a growth factor.

OLSA commits to reduce its own environmental impacts, among the most significant ones:

Usage of resources

  • Progressive improvement of systems of energy consumption in order to limit it and, where possible, on the basis of costs and benefits analysis, increase of the usage of renewable energy
  • Aware use of paper and involvement in its recycling;
  • Attention to the impact on water resources.

Environmental aspects

Continuous commitment to manage environmental aspects in an adequate way and in full compliance with the environmental regulation and other specific requirements subscribed by the organization:

  • Industrial waste
  • Emissions in the atmosphere
  • Water waste
  • Use of dangerous substances which could potentially damage the environment commitment to evaluate the extent of the environmental impact before the development and design phase of the products.

Sustainable mobility

As far as possible, use collective means of transportations in order to reduce environmental impact. Up to today approx 15 % of workers from Moncalieri plant travel with a Company bus.

Environmental emergencies management

Preparation of adequate preventive and protective actions in case of emergency.

Training and information to the personnel

OLSA is committed to give wide space to training of personnel and partners on environmental items, making them aware of the contribution each single person can bring to the environment protection with his/her own behavior. Everyone will always find available necessary information to apply Company procedures on this matter and the means needed to apply them in an efficient way.

Audit and clear communication

Environmental reporting issued yearly through a meeting between Management and Environment Committee during internal audits or audits performed by external Organizations. Continuous commitment to improve internal and external communication interface and to make the documentation about the System more and more available.

14th February 2012

Policy on health and safety at work

OLSA Management considers as very important to expand an health and safety culture in work environment and to improve levels of safety, health and prevention against risks in the work activity. For such reasons Management has decided to implement in its own Company Management System also a Management System for Health and Safety (SGSL) in compliance with norm OHSAS 18001:2007, ad to the article 30 of D.Lgs 81 09 April 2008.

In order to continuously improve, Management has adopted a strategy which considers:

  • improvement of participation, motivation, making responsible the internal personnel on health and safety at work;
  • analisys of Company processes which are relevant for the safety and health at work and their monitoring through adequate indicators in order to reduce the risky situations;
  • commitment towards the employees to continuously grant safe and proper work places, availability to listen to the needs and the requirements of anyone, to give notice on the evolution on Management of System for Health and Safety, in order to allow comprehension and to involve everyone in following the Company Policy;
  • pursuit of protection of safety and health of the workers, always giving priority to National and European laws, granting the highest level of collaboration, limiting the exploitation of natural resources and the waste of raw materials, making available state-of-the-art technologies and constantly up-to-date personnel;
  • definition of continuous improvement goals in compliance with provisions;
  • respect of law regulations in the area of safety and environment;
  • continuous examination of the System, controlling its appropriateness and setting new goals in order to ensure it.

Being aware that such goals can be reached with the full and committed participation of everyone, it is stressed the importance of a full collaboration for the achievement of an effective SGSL, reminding that its responsibility involves everyone in first person, according to his/her duties and responsibilities, from the Top Management to the single worker.

5th October 2012