Suppliers of material, components and finished goods must be explicitly approved by OLSA Headquarters. ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification as a basic requirement, strategic suppliers challenged to achieve ISO TS certification. Good communication and planning between OLSA and its suppliers early on is the primary success factor. Olsa approved supplier can deliver goods to all OLSA locations worldwide.
Quality performances and level of service is systematically tracked and kept update.


We use audits to enforce our quality management guidelines. When a supplier is awarded with a new program, a specific basic agreement (APQP) supported by OLSA Minimum Quality Requirements (including Customer Specific Requirement when applicable) defines commitments and targets to comply with. Process audits for series parts take place at the supplier’s location. The audits determine the production maturity of a new production process or approve product and project changes, and is used for periodic re-qualification or after a customer complaint. Supplier is visited and audited before being released, then a yearly audit plan, followed by periodic follow up, helps to make sure that Quality requirements are met. We support our suppliers in developing their quality management further if they are not directly approved after an initial audit. The main intent is always the constructive support to grow in the view of continuous improvement. Usually the process audit takes place after the supplier has successfully completed its internal process audit (self assessment). The extension of the process audit is defined with the supplier before the visit.



The yearly Suppliers’ day in the OLSA plants is the event which gives the opportunity to meet each other, to follow up the performances, strengthen the partnership and agree as a Team on the subsequent steps and challenges.