About Us

OLSAParts is a Company member of the OLSA Group, controlled by OLSA S.p.A.

OLSA S.p.A. is a Company leader, from more than 60 years, in the manufacturing of rearlamps and other lighting elements for cars and trucks.

Its headquarters are in Rivoli (Turin), where the Company has its General Management offices, its Commercial department and the Design departments, Research Labs and the departments for prototyping and for launching new products.

In Moncalieri (Turin), the Company has its two national production plants.

OLSA Group also has four other production plants, in order to satisfy to the best possible extent all its customers throughout the world:

  • Olsa Poland  in Poland
  • Olsa Brasil in Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • Jiaxing Olsa-Murakami  in China
  • Olsa Sistemas de Iluminacion  in Mexico

OLSA Group has more than 1.100 employees throughout the world, of which 400 in Italy.

OLSA Group’s customers are among the most important car makers in the world, such as: